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About Us

Infinite Spirit All Stars Cheer and Dance Championships was originally founded as the FNQ Cheer and Dance Championships. We re-branded in 2016 to allow the inclusion of more regional areas of Australia, starting with Tasmania. We recognise the strong passion within these areas and wish to nurture and see the sport grow.


Starting out in 2005 with only 50 registered athletes in a half-day event, Tamara and her team have strived to ensure that opportunities continue to be offered to our regional coaches. In 2017, Townsville was a full two-day event...the first of its kind outside a major city!


Infinite Spirit believes in education of both athletes and coaches and therefore has athlete workshops and coach education and feedback sessions associated with EVERY event. Our judges are highly experienced and have a wealth of knowledge that they are eager to share with you and your athletes.


These events are perfect for intra/interstate teams looking for an event with a difference. With the fun of traditional competitions seamlessly integrated with the most current trends within the sport, we see to it that both the team and the individuals are catered for. The chance for a team building trip to either Tasmania or Townsville without the stress of being a National event is very alluring.


All of our judges go through extensive hands on testing and training, so you can rest assured that what you are judged on with Infinite Spirit will hold up at other competitions. We fully support the IASF and adhere to both their guidelines and the Australian Cheer Sport Alliance (ACSA) of which we are a founding member. Our workshop providers are internationally recognised dancers and highly experienced coaches to give you assistance with current industry knowledge.


Tamara, the founder and director of Infinite Spirit All Stars, has been in the cheer industry since 2000 and previous to that was a dance teacher and gymnastics coach. Tamara provides education opportunities to clubs and individuals alike who would like to have a greater understanding of how All Star cheer and dance works, including rules classes. She travels throughout Australia and New Zealand working with clubs and event providers. Tamara also is on the board for CADAC (Cheer and Dance Ability Committee) for ACSA.


Head Coach - Cobra All Starz

"My favourite thing about competing at Infinite Spirit is the atmosphere. No matter what colour you wear, what team you’re in, or what town you’re from, every single person from the crowd cheers you on. The excitement from athletes, parents and judges spreads from level 1 to level 5. I have never felt more welcome at a competition then when at Infinite spirit!!"

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